Owen Paterson joins FSB networking Tern Hill

North Shropshire MP, Owen Paterson, discusses economic issues with local businesses at the FSB networking meeting at Tern Hill Hall Hotels_DSC0249

Local business owners attending the monthly FSB networking meeting at Tern Hill Hall Hotel had an opportunity to talk to their local MP, Owen Paterson and voice concerns over local issues.

Most businesses were positive about the Brexit vote and Owen Paterson, who has long argued for Britain’s independence, was pleased to pass on some positive statistics following the referendum.  Inward investment has increased, new start-ups are continuing to increase, agricultural products have gone up in value and steps are being taken to ensure stability for Britain’s economic future.  John Rainford of Strawberry Fields, creator of the Darwin Matrix software www.darwinmatrix.com asked:  “Given that Theresa May is being very cautious and pragmatic, do you foresee a delay in the implementation of Brexit?”  Owen replied:  “Theresa May is very careful what she says, but, in the background, things are happening.”

Eli Wilkinson (The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant) pointed out that many businesses voted to leave the EU because they felt that trade would improve if Britain was independent.  Not everyone who voted to leave did so because of immigration.  Eli runs www.TheDDC.org.uk helping dyslexics in Shropshire, running Dyslexia Information Days (next one 20th May, 2017) and, new this year, the Dyslexia Awards Evening is on Saturday, 26th November at Enginuity.

Clive Lewin of Sachets Direct asked: “Are we talking to other countries in the Third World, China, Brazil, etc. about trade?”  Owen Paterson said that global events were being organised with America and Australia and trade with the British Commonwealth was looking particularly encouraging.

Other topics of conversation were, inevitably, the lack of broadband and mobile coverage in Shropshire, council spending cuts and the viability of funding two councils in Shropshire.  Owen Paterson is always happy to receive emails about specific broadband issues which provide evidence of the problems encountered in rural areas.  www.owenpaterson.org/contact


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