Lively Business Club What do Entrepreneurs Love Doing?

Lively Business Club What do Entrepreneurs Love Doing?


The August meeting was a time for everyone to talk about the things they love doing. When you run your own business, that’s most of the time and, hopefully, you can delegate the things you are not so fond of – like book-keeping and marketing, and IT – which is where networking comes in because you can usually find someone to do all those things and concentrate on what you love doing – which is generally your core business.

Hamish Armytage of Maximum Adventure loves walking and he loves the mountains in the UK – he leads groups into the hills and keeps them safe – an experienced mountain guide – he is qualified to deal with any emergency.

Sally Joyner of ‘In The Loop’ loves helping anyone with hearing impairment – she teaches lip reading and offers deaf awareness courses, one-to-one or in groups which give people with hearing problems more confidence to cope in public places.

Heather Tweddle has just become a director of Phillips Chartered Accountants; her best times are spent number crunching and, helping businesses making sense of figures – from book-keeping to final accounts.

Tony Sylvester of Sylvester Business Consultants has a passion for dismantling business problems and breaking down barriers to growth.

Clive Lewin of Sachets Direct just loves sugar – on a recent holiday in Mauritius, his wife was treated to a tour of a sugar cane plantation and the biggest sugar mill in the world processing 400 tons of sugar an hour. He also loves creating images for sugar sachets – ideal for 2 for 1 promotions and special meal deals.

Mandy Pritchard, a personal travel agent with Midcounties Co-operative is constantly learning about new places for holidays – she’s recently visited Dubai as a tourist destination. She has first hand knowledge of many holiday destinations and she loves working out travel itineraries and business trips as well as family holidays and anniversary weekend breaks.

As well as lighting up everyone’s lives with his ecological and economical Lambda Lighting lamps, Ray Benbow also ensures new product designs are up to safety standards with a specially equipped lab at Product Approvals, product safety consultants.

After retiring as a head teacher recently, Nick Renshaw found he could put his leadership skills to good use with executive coaching. Deborah Renshaw loves words and helps writers polish their prose with her proof reading skills.

Phil Chambers has written several books about what he loves doing: The Student Survival Guide; Brilliant Speed Reading; and A Mind to Do Business – 10 tips for better mind maps. He is world mind mapping champion and a judge for world memory championships.

Ray Hickinbottom loves selling – and teaching people how to make sales fun and rewarding, his selling technique workshops take the pain out of phone calls and make communication with prospective customers easy.

And I love writing these articles for the Gossip magazine and creating adverts and editorial pages.

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