Lively Business Club – Sharing Success

As well as networking, The Lively Business Club provides an opportunity to share recent successes, promote new products and deals, discuss business problems, find out about support available in Shropshire, new legislation and information about LEP projects and grants.


Clive Lewin of Sachets Direct shared a recent success printing promotions onto sugar sachets which can be used as promotional vouchers advertising Christmas menus.

Ray Benbow told us about the work that Product Approvals do helping businesses comply with health and safety regulations when developing new products – the latest product for testing was a fan heater for a dog kennel. Product Approvals can also develop the testing equipment required.

Tony Hobbs talked about the latest offer from Utility Warehouse who will replace all the light bulbs in your home with LED lamps for free – saving you even more money on your utility bills.

Sally Joyner from In The Loop offers bespoke training, helping people deal with hearing loss and conducting deaf awareness courses – did you know that over 64,000 people in Shropshire are hard of hearing?

Amanda Wickstead of Aarons Solicitors provides legal advice, drafting watertight contracts, terms and conditions, to protect businesses from legal problems.

Eli Wilkinson helps people with dyslexia – 10% of the population suffer with dyslexia but this increases to around a third of business people, and half of the prison population – it has been found to be more prevalent in risk takers and holistic thinkers. As well as offering assessments, Eli helps people deal with dyslexia and provides information on assistance available.

Guest, Ann Sanderson, talked about the work she is doing with universities in the West Midlands encouraging businesses and universities to work together. Recent research suggests that the barriers to innovation are: firstly finance, secondly culture and thirdly risk. She is working on a project offering innovation vouchers as an incentive for businesses to develop relationships with research organisations. Innovation vouchers are for £2500 and must be match funded.


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