Sally Joyner, In The Loop helping people with hearing loss

At the October meeting of The Lively Business Club, Sally Joyner gave a fascinating interactive talk about dealing with hearing loss. As well as deaf awareness workshops, In The Loop offers bespoke training, lip-reading courses, family classes and ‘deaf awareness in the workplace’ training. To help us understand more about hearing loss she gave us […]

Lively Business Club – Action on Hearing Loss

Lively Business Club Action on Hearing Loss The RNID is now known as ‘Action on Hearing Loss’ and, apart from providing information and promoting deaf awareness campaigns, the organisation raises money to find cures for deafness. Some deafness is age related – higher frequencies become harder to hear as you get older, some is caused […]

Learning Technologies for Learning you Remember

Learning Technologies for Learning you remember. At the August meeting of the Lively Business Club, we were extremely fortunate to have a talk by Phil Chambers, World Mind Mapping Champion and director of Learning Technologies. He is based in Shropshire but has travelled all over the world attending tournaments and competitions associated with memory techniques […]

Ashanti Development supporting villages in Ghana

Ashanti Development supporting villages in Ghana Paul Kalinauckas set up BCRS in 2002. It’s a co-operative providing loans from £10,000 – £150,000 to businesses who are unable to get access to finance from High Street banks. Last year BCRS provided loans totalling over £4.5 million to 163 different businesses and have secured and created over […]

BCRS offers Loans to Businesses in the West Midlands

BCRS offers Loans to Businesses in the West Midlands BCRS are Lively Business Club members and, at the last meeting, Wesley Lovett gave a very interesting talk about the services they provide to businesses in the West Midlands. BCRS acts as a lender and manager of funds to provide access to finance for businesses, providing […]

The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant

Elizabeth Wilkinson – the Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant Eli (pronounced Ellie) Wilkinson gave a fascinating talk all about the work she does around dyslexia. She gave an overview of what dyslexia is, as well as a demonstration of what it is like to have Meares Irlen Syndrome  by showing an animation of words with the letters […]

Aaron & Partners LLP– Avoiding the Pitfalls on the Route to Success

Lively Business Club members, Hugh Strickland and Amanda Wickstead, are solicitors with Aaron & Partners and they both deal with businesses on a day to day basis. They put together an excellent presentation for the Lively Business Club tailored to the legal requirements of small businesses, picking out specific points in a company’s growth where […]

Sylvester Business Consultants

Tony Sylvester of Sylvester Business Consultants is a fully qualified business coach, supporting new businesses and helping ongoing businesses survive and prosper. Tony uses various tools he has developed to help people understand where they are now and what they have to do to get to where they want. He looks at all the attributes […]

Federation of Small Businesses

The Shropshire branch of the Federation of Small Businesses has grown from strength to strength in recent years. At the AGM in November, after many years on the committee, Ann Johnson stepped down and Ray Hickinbottom took over as Chairman supported by two Vice Chairs – Lindsay Barton and Rachael Tyrrell. Ray is also Vice […]